How to create the best marketing website

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has always had a lot of friends will ask, I want to build a kind of excellent marketing website, regardless of what you did before is a website or, did not make the website worth mentioning, must make clear distinction between ordinary website and marketing website, that is to know.

is the first marketing type ", must be at the site of the landing page, that is when the user first visit your site, the first sight", the landing page must reflect your marketing products in the visual impact zone or service characteristics, the first visual impact zone 70% if can attract eyeball the product contains pictures or discount and digital, so the more can attract visitors. Only attract the attention of visitors, can make these visitors become your potential customers, even customers.


is not going to test your marketing website visitors endurance, site open speed should be controlled in 4 seconds, it is also a test of a web application or the most direct weight standard where, if the site opened a slow death, who will have such a strong leisure time and patience waiting for the visitors, not waiting, you will lose the chance to get the order.

there is a customer service system, the marketing website almost all of you will find an easy job to do, direct orders and customer service system, whether it is or that the other 400 customer service system, so that visitors can always use the most simple and quick way to find their own answers to relevant questions can help people quickly answer the visitors the problem is, a method of customer service to retain customers is very good, if you are not half a day to answer customer questions, it may lose a customer austria.

In fact,

marketing website in the establishment when combined with the optimization of the related matters, such as bidding side while doing SEO, is the best way, which is the most effective way, so that you can do the marketing website with the most reasonable way.

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