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for a long time did not write the article, suddenly felt writing articles a little rusty. Today with everyone simple communication, I do China’s supply of Guinness some experience. That is not good also please be lenient, but these are my personal experience and insights.

first a brief introduction of China’s supply of Guinness, not posted URLs, so as not to say AD. China supply Daquan was founded in 2009 May, the website procedures borrowed from other people’s free program, modified directly on-line (I will not compile website procedures, C programming language, also improvise). Due to lack of funds, can only rely on their own a post everywhere, do the chain. After several months of artificial promotion, the site finally improved. Supply related keywords, major search engines ranked well, but at this point, an unfortunate arrival in my family, my father checked for esophageal cancer. I had worked in Beijing at the time, but it was only a few months since I got my diploma from school. I was tested for electronic products because I had not graduated yet, and the salary was 1500 per month. I was ready to sell the China goods list. Father sick, go back to see him, no time management website supply station 200 yuan to sell (this was in the A5 forum post), because at that time did not sell, so simply did not sell, to stay. Many people think what I said is false. But I’m glad I didn’t sell it, or I’m going to regret it now. Later with the promotion and publicity China supply by IP on the original Encyclopedia of dozens of people, up to now, more than 2000 people visit, though not so strong IP tens of thousands of others, but I am very satisfied, because this is a part-time job, but now the income has been worth my salary.

1, share your experiences with others.

did not like to communicate with people before, and had the time to tell others about his experience, and always felt that he had lost. But now I don’t think so, and I find we lack communication at ordinary times. In fact, when we communicate with others, although we share our experience, maybe you will gain the experience of others. However, if you are flexible, maybe someone else’s experience plus your experience will help you find new ways to go further. I gradually felt the importance of this by making a China supply list, which made me know some very good friends online.

2, do stand in your persistence.

if I give up this site, if there is no current China source Daquan, actually many times we’ll see the water, but when the people dug a shovel to dig the mud in the poor head finally chose to give up love, saying that "Ma Yun today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is very beautiful. "In the process, a lot of people fall into tomorrow night, and I hope our Alibaba can cross tomorrow night and see the sun the day after tomorrow,"

3, learn some common promotion methods (ways to spend money there is)

in the process of promoting China’s supply of goods, >

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