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I came into contact with the network game from 2004, but it’s not intended to play the game, these 4 years, mainly want to know the network game inside the deep things, participated in many online game beta and beta, but never play to a high level. Because that’s not what I want.

from the touch site, I feel there are many similarities between online games and web sites.

first, popularity and traffic

online game is the need for popularity, no popularity of the game, like a pool of stagnant water, for example, there are online games in China when only dozens of people, such online games is really enough failure. And some of our website traffic is less poor. At this point, we can see that both online games and websites need people to come and see. The more people we see, the more valuable we become.

second, user experience,

I think the online game is the best to do the user experience. The user experience in the online game is to guide the user to easily play the game step by step. The user experience of online games is mainly embodied in the prompt service, including two aspects, one is text-based services, and the other is voice based services. At the level of the player, the game prompts the player what he can do next.

can we contrast 2004, 2008 the NetEase Fantasy Westward Journey, we can see an increase in some text type from the service, the giant network game giant, is using the voice prompt, you can clearly feel that these online games manufacturers in this area is in place to do.

it’s not easy for us to do this. Procedures, functions, and how to go every step, we should follow the user’s Internet habits, plus a little bit of product guidance.

third, product planning,

2008, the era of online game product planning. The continuation of the game’s vitality, relying on sustained product competitiveness, in some online game news, we can see that in 2008, many games have introduced a series of data for the temptation of players. This means that the products of online games have risen to strengthen the content construction of online games.

new product planning and the introduction of new products affect the life of an online game. At the same time, for those of us doing web sites, if a website does not have sustained product development, then her users are also bored. Slowly, the website loses her client source.

fourth, event planner

a good online game must have a very good planning team, throughout the major online games, whenever there is game activities, this time is also the most popular online game time. The author observed the 2008 mainstream online games have their own game feel most online games, every month, at the beginning of holidays, at the beginning of the month when.

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