ndustry class websites to profit to help customers earn money is the key

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Many types of

website, one local station, a station, there are people who do people do, and portal industry people to do the game film novel topics such as website, no matter what type of website, flow, income, popularity is the key to this is a success web site.

May 13th Admin5 forum every Thursday afternoon at 3-4 version of the chat activity invited first name card network www.d1mpw.com founder Mr. Zhang Xianfeng, sharing his industry ideas and operational profit model. First name card network in 2009 September officially launched, although the time is not very long, but have a good income, every day income ranging from 3K-5K, in the industry has formed a strong reputation, especially in the local, has formed a good reputation among customers. The baby finishing parts, welcome to discuss.

ask: Industry Station fractionize also is divided very much, be used as novice stationmaster. Faced with so many industries, I do not know how to choose. Would like to ask guests, as a novice, how to choose the industry, the choice is very important, the choice is often half of the success of the first.

answer: choose more than efforts, choose the pond to catch big fish, so as far as possible to choose the industry you are familiar with, because money is always to professionals to earn, and are always professionals earn unprofessional money!


asked: 1, the industry station, is to choose the seemingly relatively high profits of the industry, is familiar with the selection of interest industry?   2, as the industry website, how to find it profitable? In general industry what are the main profit model?   3, the industry operating station, what relative it is the most important?? flow? Target visitors?   4, industry optimization and promotion, should pay attention to what


1. industry station, must first from their familiar industry began, your site must be able to help the industry to enhance the sales, the industry is successful, we can help customers make money, you can earn money


2. rich people to earn good money, earn money so the most profitable businessman! Website industry site, congratulations on choosing industry website stationmaster friends! This a little sun Deliang first saw, so he is currently the most profitable chemical network Chinese website, he is the first enterprise in the enterprise network listed China! Now Ma and Robin Li also see the website! Oh the profit point: membership revenue, advertising revenue is the main revenue and join gold certification, this one is my research direction is


3. industry website, the most important is the number of members and effective amount of information!


4. industry station optimization and promotion, pay attention to accurate delivery, the industry website is most important is profit, not traffic,


ask: industry station is bigger, the better, or the smaller the better, general direction, such as daily necessities, small direction than

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