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I do not know if I do not like the success of personal Adsense are qualified to talk about entrepreneurship, as I do not know why I want to write this article to talk about my views on the new generation of grassroots entrepreneurs. Many things in the world there is no absolute right or not, this article is all about Yuan Chengxu’s personal point of view, if there is not appropriate, you can retain their views and suggestions.

in the circle with the years, met a lot of so-called like-minded friends, but most people will make their own choices in the passage of time in the final, or for livelihood and choose another road running, or for the interests and continue to insist on this road. Fortunately or unfortunately do not know, I ended up in the attitude of moderation chose coldly removed, continue to walk the road of personal webmaster.


the earth beneath our feet is suspended in space, and we can’t predict what will happen in the next second. There are too many uncertainties in the world, before the arrival of the success of all the pay is unknown, is not the pursuit of success and insist on meaningless?

to talk about the new generation of grassroots entrepreneurship personal view, I hope you stay human, do not like do not spray.

what is the new generation grassroots webmaster?

due to various reasons such as age, I have access to the Internet is not a long time, in the webmaster circle is removed more than three years. In this paper, the new generation of grassroots webmaster, referring to recent years new webmaster industry friends, may the boundaries are not so obvious, do you understand.

in the past few years to join the owners of the industry, like me, the new generation of grassroots webmaster are often curious about all of the new things are full of curiosity. They are keen to occupy the major owners gathered in the platform, see, see Bowen, browse a variety of questions and answers. They hope that some day in the future he can become great God like the well-known webmaster, on site management let his fame and fortune, such groups exist in which industry.

new generation grassroots webmaster not only to learn technology, learn to operate, learn to write articles, but also learn to communicate with other friends to learn. They often have a very strong idea, working day and night in front of the computer to learn, have a variety of hard work and good quality.

recommendations for the new generation of grassroots webmaster Entrepreneurship:

regardless of whether you agree with me that an unknown to others, this is not the lack of time in the chicken soup, occasionally listen to those who did not have to talk to someone of their success experience and opinions, sometimes also will have an unexpected surprise.

1, to understand their original intention is what;

now stationmaster industry threshold is more and more low, just buy a DNS server to host, upload a website template program can become a personal webmaster, this let me do a person is very embarrassing.

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