How to choose a virtual host on the website navigation website

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in recent years, with the huge development of the network, many people have joined the ranks of the webmaster, but many webmasters do not very high technology.

and navigation website is buying, and do the navigation website basically don’t what technology, buy a domain name, from the Internet under a navigation source website can be, so do the site navigation as many entering the ranks of the owners of the first people.

today I’m going to introduce the question of how to select a virtual host for a navigation website:

1., you need to make sure your navigation site is located. Is the area navigation or industry or country, if it is in class, as long as you buy a local virtual hosting service providers on the line, but can also be considered in other parts of the virtual hosting service providers, but the key is to access speed.

2., because of the nature of navigation sites, so it is best to buy traffic restrictions, but not limited to the number of concurrent virtual host, navigation site traffic is generally not great.

3., if the funds permit, it is best to buy dual line virtual host, and now double line virtual host price is also very cheap.

what are the main points? I recommend several suitable virtual hosts:

1. Western Digital: Western Digital two is more appropriate, a double entry type ( ReferenceID=458126) and double universal type, the price is 200 yuan and 300 yuan, the quality of the virtual host is generally not a problem, but the real machine is double room in Beijing.

2., if the price is more expensive, you can consider the price of 100 yuan or so in the virtual host:

I recommend an agent of the eighty thousand interconnected virtual hosting provider, is also provided by the dual line of virtual host, the quality is not bad, we can go and see.

Virtual host

3. this recommendation is a series of virtual host domain business enterprise business online, which is two hundred thousand of the value of the industry’s most "ox" virtual host hardware configuration, 100M is only 99 yuan, is very good oh.

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