One hour rush to the community O2O business can do much of the integration of resources under the l

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[Abstract] one hour rush, directly solve the user pain points when shopping. Community Natural users, and resource intensive, is a very promising market. No matter what type of player, want to win in the community, the key is still to integrate good offline resources, do a good job landing.

original title: an hour to rush the community’s business can do much,


map for Henan, Zhengzhou, a district, the surrounding residents in the just opened "Hey customer" shop to visit, experience

reported in July 14th ran technology Tencent

summer night, a single crayfish, 30-60 minutes service, the speed can meet your house and greedy demand? The main leisure food distribution of fresh bee line only two months, has seized the first batch of users with the impression of fast ", according to team founder introduction, fresh bee network in Beijing there are 150 thousand users.

fresh bee network currently offers a selection of not much, usually only one category and suppliers, including organic vegetables, fruits, crayfish, dairy products. In distribution, fresh bee nets selected by the community shop owner to complete the last mile of distribution, the background will be distributed orders to the nearest user of the owner there, and then completed by the owner of the final link distribution. As community owners are usually very close to users, the delivery speed is often within 30 minutes.

is doing business in the community around the "one hour delivery", and there’s already been a water test before the bee network. 001 community is one of the team to achieve supply chain from upstream 1 hours delivery speed and the community surrounding the super cooperation, getting goods directly from the supermarket, and then by their own distribution team to complete from the supermarket to the user distribution. Currently, community 001 has about 400 thousand users in Beijing, covering more than 4000 districts.

The speed of delivery of

one hour regardless of how to achieve and maintain, the two companies are committed to resolving some of the pain points in the user purchases, fresh bee network is aimed at the younger user groups, like some snacks and too lazy to go out and buy. 001 for the user community crowd seems to be in the Internet Co is rarely mentioned: the housewife over the age of 35, this part of the crowd basic weekly or daily purchasing needs, but the bulk purchase is a waste of energy, a community of 001 is to see this part of the demand.

community O2O, first make good use of community idle resources

The two companies mentioned above,

, have reasonably dug up existing resources under the line to complete the service from line to line, and you can also label them "community O2O" as a hot label.

community O2O, according to several models of the current point of view, is the basic community the most basic location for polymerization of this unit in the community will idle resources to effectively organize, improve the operation efficiency of the existing mode. At present, community oriented entrepreneurship projects are mainly

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