Operating skills communication operator and user communication process distance

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this article from: "outsiders look at the circle" e-book part of the excerpt, with the "case said operation" chapter, interested friends can read in Dangdang, app access.


Before the

combined with the author to do an online education platform to do a structural review for the pre marketing platform, why in this case, it is really is currently working on a project, some closer to reality. Another is that this product has not yet been marketed, so there is no suspicion of advertising. The starting point is the process from the process of project experience and share with you, I am also a learner, like when doing the book positioning, outsiders circle, website operator notes, for a reader, complete with an outsider’s perspective. As the subtitle of this book, the website operator notes, is also a grassroots perspective of the site operators experience sharing, so it is called "notes.". The sharing of each case, or what we are doing, or seeing, there is a feeling.

now, we are constantly trying to provide users with temperature content, and the user’s understanding of the depth of content, we also need to communicate with users in the continuous improvement of

writes here that in a case by case approach, readers will discuss some of the operational content of web operations. From an operator’s point of view, we are analyzing various web cases, each site operators have a common character, used to look at some of the products have been successful in the market. Many of these cases are with aura, because the product success has a certain market position, the information they passed to us today, are under the halo. The Internet age, not lack of content, the lack of professional, more in-depth understanding of content. Here, we present two keywords, content, temperature, and depth. What is the temperature of content, and what is the depth of content,


takes the past platform experience and discusses the understanding of product temperature through related questions


made that point, it was also a moment of concern for the project I’m currently working on. We now do the product, because a variety of factors, the span of up to two years, for an online education products, the core problem is to solve the problem of content, and the other is technical implementation. When we set up a project to do this product, we have made a resource platform based on downloading. The foundation of this platform is that we have the traditional teaching resources to support and have a certain market share. In order to achieve the Internet product transformation and try, we have done an online platform, will be part of the traditional test paper resources into the network, available to the user to download. Maybe it is because we are on the Internet operation way of understanding is not deep enough, when users download resources is a fee, although the cost is very low, and the results is that the pre platform user accumulation speed >

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