Through the success of the Papi sauce in basketball how does the quality red net operate

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short video, spoof, weird sounds, Papi sauce and other red label, he also has.


, whether retired Kobe, Duncan, or active James, Wei less, curry, he has been black all over,

king of Sacramento team had to spend $155 million to sign him was the strongest in the history of Satsujin,

through the efforts over the past year, the great God has tens of millions of fans around the world, despite the imitation, but he explained the true meaning of basketball in a different way.

yes, he is: Brandon, Armstrong,

, if you’re not familiar with it, let’s meet him again: NBA, imitate the emperor,


NBA unsuccessful rookie can play out a lot of people, real net Red Imitation emperor is a, today, let Li Gen classmate take you to see how a high-quality web red operation,


one, big premise: industry soil is more fertile,

more than 10 years ago in the NBA arena, in addition to the outcome, there are also some very funny funny scenes, but few people put the video into a series of finishing, CCTV official do is very good, but in the official, are basically 00 scattered scattered spots in midfield link in the game, or it is broadcast every Friday night in the basketball park how, as a student of our dog and have no time to see these interesting basketball video for the first time? As that mobile Internet technology is not so developed, the video has not formed a strong visual sense in which we the heart, if the emperor began to do imitation video output at that time, I believe, not now so fire.

this situation continued until 2011, after the famous star Shaquille O’neal retired, literally in TNT made SHAQTIN-A-FOOL program, translated into the popular Chinese is "five embarrassed", he put the funniest scenes in the athletic field for editing, and proper exaggeration, output to five good balls in the form of a week 4 minutes of funny forced small video, so every Saturday on the mobile phone to see Mcgee, Perkins and other non player performing five embarrassed into my program today to keep.

In addition to Semyon Semyon ONeil’s

pave the way outside, also thanks to the popularity of the development of mobile Internet and smart mobile phone, so that the short video has become the best window to show the characteristics of basketball entertainment, in 10 years ago could not build this scene.

two, prerequisite: seeking innovation in imitation and reference

imitation of emperor physical condition is not particularly good, the draft also failed to do so, after only a few not too well-known alliance, deeply feel if you still walk if possible is always a little person, so he chose another Qi.

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