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I know a lot of people just started a website, with their own passion to do a website, but Baidu is not included, so that their passion for some extreme grief, a webmaster, delete the site that Baidu not included is abandoned.

but not really. Baidu is actually a "machine of principle". It doesn’t look down upon you, but you despise it. Why would I say that,


first site is not friendly? This is a point that is rampant in this website era, a friendly site or a little higher user experience site, can definitely get a high score, the score is to see you, I’ve been in many sites, one into the pop-up window and some advertising interface, although you can say that this is my garbage station, but even you think that is rubbish station site? Don’t know Baidu is


second is the original problem, regardless of your original false original, or really write their own articles or these are original, as long as the original Baidu will love you, many websites are directly copied to others, a collector, convenient, simple, but not Baidu? Bird you, you know that Baidu has seen tens of thousands of times, if you see an article several times, do not trouble trouble? So, do not look down on the Baidu IQ, you have to do is to do a little bit of the original, even if only one day a


friendly and original fix so that is outside the chain, Baidu as a robot which has its own feelings, if you cheat it, then it will not forgive you, so is the chain, don’t try to deceive Baidu, pay attention to some details to send the chain, free yourself write a soft Wen to promote your site, not to write is not an excuse for you, the key is your inertia. In April 21st I published an article, do some outside the chain, this may trigger point is to lead Baidu today, just when the SITE found that included not believe that friends can go to the site to test my www.zuixindy.org.cn look at the collected date is not the last few days, there may be some early data a little, but the amount of the chain but essential

may write a bit of a mess, but we do see, I want to say is that the chain is to let Baidu included trigger your media, the original is a core, friendly degree related to traffic problems after you

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