Domain name Pong tycoon get large flow similar to well known websites how to get traffic

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"Pong tycoon" used to be a bad word. However, the domain name "bangdakuan" property has changed, not to say this is a commendatory terms, but at least is neutral. If you have a domain name that is similar to a large web site, you can easily get good traffic. Domain names that are easy to remember are essential to building a popular site. Now the most famous sites are basically using Chinese Larry domain, like, and

early three portals appear, Shuangpin domain name hasn’t been such a fire, the website marked western style, love a English homophonic name, such as Sina Sina, Sohu Sohu. At that time, the general has not yet realized that at the same time to register a similar domain name for brand protection, it will give many domain names (domain name applications) investors left an opportunity.

is the most typical example of Sohu’s two major websites and Sogou, users by Chinese input habits, it is easy to input into the "Li Gui" domain name and is not used, the above is just an advertising page, through the ALEXA query, every independent IP 10000, Baidu snapshot was updated daily, needless to say all is to visit Sohu is wrong is input into souhu. Domain name investment heavyweights Cai Wensheng said that one day more than 10000 of natural access traffic is top-level domain name.’s owner must be waiting for the Sohu to make a big purchase.


domain name is a pet "pet", key words in Baidu only third pages, but on the IP more than 30000, and ranked first in the pet Chinese have so much traffic be roughly the same, and most extent from copycat domain name.

Sohu was not careful, did not register similar domain name, to other people created two expensive top-level domain name, but also make their users do not pay attention to mistakenly visit other sites. The same lessons and "genuine happy net", happy net started because of a shortage of funds, not to buy, then the domain name by rival 1000 oak bought, also started a copycat happy net, "genuine happy net" either, now also make on the court for happy nets to stop using similar fortress name.

for rice farmers, choose the similar domain name is a good investment direction. But the current big site before the start of the relevant domain names are very concerned about the protection of registration, so want to make money rice farmers can use "dim sum" thinking.

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