Do station two years of sentiment for novice

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first, remember these two sentences: the harder you work, the better your luck will be!

the first time behind two years ago, that is I accidentally on the China owners and advertising forum inside to see an article by predecessors wrote about Linghu shrimp garbage station Posts mentioned in the outdated forum, it can be said that this post changed my life.

When I went to college in

, I would do some simple websites, which were also done at the time, but I never thought it would make money. When the senior also made the Internet the most basic Wangzhuan, such as click, email, surf, search, and bonus, registration and etc.. Unfortunately, the breakthrough was not great. I was thinking that if I could earn four thousand or five thousand dollars a month, I wouldn’t have to go to work! It’s a pity that one year has passed, and when I graduate, I earn less than 2000 dollars!

after graduation, I found a job in a traditional manufacturing industry inside as a secretary to the general manager for a month and also large income, then I feel life like this in the past! Until I saw the post about the garbage station, it renewed my passion for making money online! In August 2006 I registered my first name:, this station has now gone, I will talk about the specific reasons behind (originally wanted to do secretarial sites, but in the end still do a QQ space code) with tools under the three stations of others, then to change the beginning every day, a busy night, that time is not used to collect, all hand, and there is a problem, is love to see statistics, but one day no growth, the largest number of times is only more than 100, the heart is really sad, feel too stupid, a month can only earn a hundred dollars, my wife also comfort me, okay, enough to buy a dish of what is better than never. But I think one of the best things I did was to take notes and record everything I did every day.

just started to summarize the website promotion work: login search engine for link exchange ( for just do stand friends or a good choice), intermediate also used a Muzi software (VIP) version, but the effect is not flattery, then know a lot for blog, then turn on I posted a list of articles, this probably in 2006 or more useful, the first blog I apply for, most of the time one day to bring me seven hundred or eight hundred IP, now every day there are dozens of IP to my other station (I haven’t had the), this is my first breakthrough flow the!

by October, I had five hundred or six hundred IP a day on my site, and it didn’t seem very good now, but it was very gratifying at that time. I insist on posting on the Forum

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