The end of the To C era 90%VC said To C mode project no longer cast

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Abstract: history, home field, O2O field, sharing economy will also appear a large number of closures in the entrepreneurial impetuous era. If the winter capital is the capital market to develop the results, so business is the founder of the result, such as: entrepreneurial intention, grasp direction, partner selection, team execution and cultivating investment institutions selection, negotiation and time

recently saw some venture capital (VC), two of the entrepreneurs no good signal: 1) on 2016 the first half part of the basic risk investment institutions no longer move money, that there will be no big investment event; 2) in the field of O2O To C (consumer market) model projects 90% of investors said in 2016 to give up investment.

in the first half of 2016, some investment institutions no longer move money

regardless of entrepreneurs and investors are willing to admit that the capital winter has indeed come, and has become the new normal, that the capital market after a period of abnormal state to resume normal state.

in the capital market, there is a "legend": the seven year cycle of economic crisis. In Europe, from 1997 to 2015, every seven years the outbreak of an economic crisis; China economic crisis from 2008 to 2015, the date, the economic crisis is the seven year itch.

just, more entrepreneurs say that the real capital of winter is coming, because the financing becomes difficult; but the risk investment institutions do not think so, most of them said that their institutions do not exist capital winter.

face financing difficulties, the entrepreneur said, if you want to financing easily, while subsidies off day orders can not, the reasons for doing so: 1) when not in the capital market downturn, financing to underestimate the value, equivalent to the flesh blood; 2) the peak value of short-term orders is self deception the trick, the capital downturn is temporary, to preserve the strength of the survival of the fittest node, when the investors select items.

face the status quo is difficult to find a good project, the investment person, the capital is not winter, the management of large funds or LP money, there is no possibility of no money, but no longer a wide range of investment in new projects. The point is: 1) the wide net type of investment business contraction, "gambling" hit rate increased; 2) – Project on the market since the survival, the survival of the fittest until when, again at harvest.

at the same time, there are many alternative investment funds with 100 million European Network said it would continue to invest in the so-called winter, with a relatively low value of its long-term investment projects. To a certain extent, whether entrepreneurs or as a media person, more admire up, this is more a test of the market and project judgment and control.

in the O2O field, VC said, To C mode project no longer cast

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