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              in the previous article "no station and want to station people must see", we discussed the "site of reverse thinking", and its first step is the choice of advertising. Today, I’ll share with you some of my views on choosing advertisements.

do most of the station is to profit, which is the so-called "wangzhuan". And understand the Wangzhuan development is divided into three stages: the 1. stage of the 2. page advertisement; product sales stage; the 3. stage of normal station. And the first stage can also be called "garbage station" (I hate this name) stage, its model is very simple – to do a "garbage station", put on the union advertising, traffic flow. The choice of advertising is a big problem afflicting many novice webmaster, often see novice friends everywhere asked: which alliance? What kind of advertising do? But in most cases it is not satisfied with the answer after reading this article, I believe you will never worry.

before you do, you should study more successful websites like yours. The first stage of Wangzhuan its profit model can be copied, that others do succeed, if you care enough, enough hard, you can succeed. You probably don’t like the ads on other people’s feet. When you browse the web, you only look at the content, and never, or rarely, do. But now you want to join Wangzhuan industry, you have to change this habit. Need to become a little bit of advertising. Because of this, you can find out what affiliate ads, publishers, commissions, etc.. Because it is a successful station, to prove that his advertising is profitable, you can also make profits. This is more than you do with an alliance, an alliance, try to cut down a lot of detours, save a lot of time, and realize the profit time to the shortest.

multipoint advertising has another meaning. There are many webmaster, the flow in the efforts of increasing, but the income has not seen how much growth, this has a long time people’s browsing habits have a lot to do, because we see the ads are blind. If you want to change this habit, you must start with me, start with our webmaster, and then influence your friends’ browsing habits. If my article 10 changed people’s habits, the 10 friends to change 10 personal habits, so, who said we grassroots webmaster tomorrow will be sunny? But here I have to speak my doubts. If any of your friends is crazy about advertising for you, what will be the result? How do you avoid it? I hope everyone will discuss it later.

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