For faith must hold on

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for faith, I have to hold on to

in 2000, I made my first personal home page. At that time, obsessed with programming, I remember using VB at that time, so I did a " VB programmer’s road ". At that time, there is no template, CMS site, just rely on their own line of HTML code written. At that time, young, a cavity of enthusiasm after, and did not adhere to.

was fascinated by the Legend game after 2001, and was consumed by the game in a few years. From day to night, from official to private, it was finally time wasted and nothing was done. By the end of 2005, the game had been completely forgotten, hard work and improved skills.

because I now work is mainly the implementation of ERP software, so I think with your own job related knowledge to classify, so I had to do on a ERP site, although the ERP big site a lot, but I think we do personal site, only for their own interests and ideals. Do not stand, because of the powerful industry station, we retreat.

time goes by, it will be 2008. In the end of last year, finally determined the ERP site to do it, the ideal is sure to stick to it until bigger and stronger, not to do garbage sites, with such a belief, from the establishment to the station now, although traffic is not high, but because of faith, so that I have always insisted.

Remember to take a

website name like a long time, finally registered the domain name so wanted to directly call "love ERP station", after the name of the station set, like a blog site, so in the website more than 10 days later changed to "love ERP", it has been used now.

from the beginning of the site, no one visited, and now has 500 of the daily visits, Baidu included nearly 5000 pages, has spent nearly four months, of which bitterness, only to do a small webmaster to know.

on the evening of April 13th, Baidu big update, my web page included a drop to more than 500 pages, just give me a heavy blow, the flow rates increase day by day at her, suddenly "not included, will flow down. I hope everybody can give one or two master predecessors, the whole day is very depressed, always wondering why Baidu has to do it, don’t know what was wrong with me, read a lot on the Internet "included by the post, is still at a loss.

but, in order to believe, I must adhere to, and I still press the previous rule to update the article every day, the future will be the same, I hope Baidu can re page included. But no matter what, I have to stick to it. Even if Baidu pulls out the site, I think I’ll keep it up, because this is the limit

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