How to open a new cosmetics shop

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cosmetics shop has now become a good choice for the majority of female friends business, at the same time due to the increase in the cosmetics brand on the market as a whole, open purchase cosmetics store has become a problem, want talent shows itself in the industry, you need to have a good purchase channels.

1, local wholesalers or dealers purchase

to local wholesalers or agents that can purchase cosmetics supply, there is certainly the most cheap. But this requires a certain amount of money, if you are just a new shop, it is recommended not to enter so many goods. Cosmetics purchase depends on whether the product is genuine, where they purchase absolute guarantee goods. For example: I live in Shenzhen, Shenzhen cosmetics wholesale market is generally looking for sources of goods, of course, to get the goods cheaper than the goods online.

2, the origin of the purchase of

3, Hongkong to purchase

to purchase Hongkong, generally cheaper than domestic pull. Hongkong SASA, excellence, have Longcheng pharmacy and cosmetics sold are genuine, but remember to pay attention to the price, do more, not all of the SASA price is the same, different location are not the same, and Hongkong to buy cosmetics are genuine, have marked the production date. Increasing the period approaching there will be a special offer. So choose to purchase in Hongkong, is also a way to find the cheapest source of cosmetics, it is suitable for the south of the owner.

4, online to find manufacturers purchase

if you no local cosmetics manufacturers or agents, so it is necessary to find the phone manufacturers directly from the Internet, and the other contact telephone and its agents get near, contact. Generally from the level of agents into the cosmetics, the price is just a little higher than the wholesale price, it is very cheap, and get this price in the store is certainly good business.

5. suggested that you can install and use the butterfly makeup shop management software, support bar code scanning, a small ticket printer, barcode printer, cash box, price discount, membership card integral, pre charging and payment, signing credit, membership software automatically send SMS blessing birthday. Can be a key to check the daily (month, year) sales, profits, inventory, inventory, the total amount of commission. Cosmetics shop also donated a special commodity information library, you do not have to input, direct import. Software is divided into stand-alone version, chain version.


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