Crazy firmly believe the nternet is not the whole life

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webmaster, are you tired? Are you full of longing for your life? Do you see how the Internet works? I’m crazy now. I’m sure I’ll give you an analysis of the Internet and see if the Internet is a thriving gold mine.

, who cares about the Internet? It’s VC. Early VC people put tens of millions into the network, and the result is a dotcom bubble, and as a result, VC is afraid, and they’re out of the network. So who is optimistic about the Internet? Personal webmaster, personal webmaster into the school, and even some family, a head back into the network, get up earlier than chicken, eat worse than pig, sleep later than a dog, do more than a cow. In spite of this, is the personal station afraid? Is it cowardly? No, because the Internet is our life. The Internet is all we have. Can not imagine how far away from the network of days will be monotonous, there is a problem can not Baidu, there is a mood can not vent. The Internet has become our home, so even if we have eaten the last meal, we still adhere to our ideals.

undeniably, life is more and more inseparable from the network, the network makes our lives more convenient and fast, do not go out, that is, know the world. This is all our web crawlers’ credit. We contributed youth and energy to the internet. The Chu bitter only owners know that we loved the network, the real network is a kind of social reality, most of the assets held in the 40 years old man, they can focus on traditional industries out of network business. Only we 80 come forward, but fortunately, 90, but also head into. But we focus too much on the network ignores the reality, forget the network from reality has become the castles in the air became something with no reality whatever. Pinned the hopes on the alliance, between the traffic. Let Baidu Google pulled the nose, in addition to our Baidu K Aguirre can scold dad? Had made it use Baidu Search, you can be an exception? Google K account to cry, cry after even money can also apply for a. This is the reality, just come out of Ali mother said, "stop crying!" now do webmaster popular is kept, I come to keep you. Does the world really have a free lunch? I do hope so, but it’s only a product of the utopian world.

in the network, we walk as repeated ice. The migrant workers were in arrears with their wages, and the country stood up and gave them justice. We have a group of highly educated people, to promote the development of the network after 80, 90 after being Baidu K, the alliance cheated. Who came out to talk to us, only the king of the map, under pressure to register, was banned by Baidu website, led us to negotiate pay.

Now the

network is not mature, we are desperate to find it, but that day really mature development of the network, the network of this gold will belong to the world of individual stationmaster? I think that when VC, big companies will stampede in. Search engine through monopoly, investment into investment, mergers and acquisitions to occupy the network. I like the novel station haihun will be VC lot of money into a small corner.

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