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a chance, I come from the valley college students learned the computer, and have an Internet access, since then, strong interest and curiosity made me indissoluble bound to the network.

contacted the website with a chat with my net friend, and I gradually got the idea of doing a website and gained a lot of valuable knowledge. At that time, cash strapped I don’t know how to do, can be said to be impossible, so, starting from the Internet to download a free source code to modify their own up slowly. In fact, for many webmasters, the site is their ideal choice.

site is very general and finally, through the analysis of the website on the Internet, that is still relatively good, in order to lose weight, beauty, fitness, health care products, cosmetics, recharge, digital, leisure clothing, books etc..

secondly, the choice of a good site is also the beginning of the beginning, when people do not know how to do web site is a headache.

my web site is female. What do generally do not need to cost a domain name, space is enough, the current program is many online free open source CMS, I chose Dede, more humane, after intense preparation, start my goal to fashion a small woman, beginning what also do not understand, can add QQ group, the big bubble some of the forum, like the master to learn, so a waste site was the www.ssxnr.com website of course, do not flow is a very depressing thing, all thinking about how to promote, such as forum, QQ is essential for the promotion, but the effect is not very good. Sometimes at night a person think, like this junk website how can there be more traffic? A good local search engine traffic sources, thought it was overjoyed, but always not included, the depressed, anxious days did not sleep well, go online to find some tutorials, friends said the laggards, webmasters are the webmaster often mixed place, have time to learn the experience from above, then start looking for experience bubble inside, a good place to learn novice webmaster webmaster nets, there know how the search engines and promote more. Now Baidu finally included http://s.www.baidu.com/s, wd=site%3Awww.ssxnr.com, as long as the efforts to do, eventually will be included in the key, but also rely on their own efforts to promote.

Shortly after, at

God helps those who help themselves, flow in a long, though not much, but the mood Bengtiyouduo happy.

not long after, the unexpected harvest came just in the introduction of friends know GG advertising, for one, did not expect 2, 3 months down GG received the check, XinLiMei squeak drops, take out and friends. For people from rural areas, the cost of living is not much, depending on this can also support themselves, this is in the online earned my first pot of gold.


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