Study on the availability of top menu can make the site navigation 22%

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Abstract: navigation is one of the most important elements in Web web site, but there are some problems in the design. "The top navigation" can accelerate the navigation speed, speed of about 22%. It can be implemented by using CSS and JavaScript (or JQuery) techniques. However, there are some disadvantages, such as the compatibility of mobile devices and the limitations of design.


SirsiDynix UX/UI designer Hyrum Denney published an article "Sticky Menus Are Quicker To Navigate" in Smashing Magazine, to share their research results on the availability of "top menu", and the implementation of technology and related challenges. CSDN compiled the text, the contents are as follows:

navigation is one of the most important elements of the Web web site, and most designers agree with that. Still, navigation is not always easy to use. Typically, users have to scroll to the top of the site to access the navigation menu. Recently, I study the "top menu" can accelerate web site navigation. I conducted usability studies on this. The results of this study, as well as some implementation techniques and related challenges, will be presented below.


diagram 1

top navigation definition

top (or fixed) navigation is locked in a position of the website menu when the user scrolls page, in other words, the navigation will not disappear, users can access the navigation anywhere on the site, without having to scroll the page. Although the top navigation can be applied to any menu, footer, such as social media buttons, but mainly used for site navigation. Figure 2 shows the difference between the mobile device and the top navigation navigation standard.


diagram 2

Research on


research background

for this research, I created two almost identical test sites. The only difference is that a standard navigation, the other is a top navigation. On the first site, forty participants were required to complete 5 tasks at a time limit. Then go to another site and complete another 5 different tasks. The two sites are tested on desktop computers until the end of the day to tell users the difference between the two sites. At the end of the test, through the analysis of the data, I come to two interesting conclusions.

1. top menu can make fast navigation 22%

research data show that participants do not have to scroll to the top of the page, you can quickly find what they need. 22% may look >

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