42 year old female anchor on the brush face venture to understand the network every day but red B st

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I made a bunch of artificial intelligence, medicine, Finance PhD, in their discussion of high dimensional discrete lr+dnn, how to deal with over fitting, a new algorithm model, what kind of upgrade to long-term gains in the SHARP ratio, I nodded. However, so far, I return on investment of a project is the best, I cast does not know in what circumstances.

" Li later too much rain, to see what is not his own #% and the (a) ". "

translation is: haze too much, can not see what is written."

this is Zhang Quanling haze on a word in micro-blog a year ago, after a lapse of a year and occasional, satin hand or the hand piece, but the haze and Zhang Quanling are worse.

her identity has long been not CCTV anchor, but turned into the venture capital sector, becoming purple cattle fund partners.

Zhang Quanling recently wrote the investment people a year after the road course, frequently between the lines just like a scraper, the investment community old driver appearance, this rapid growth and transformation of envy.

"logic of thinking" founder Luo Zhenyu once said of Zhang Quanling: "she is my only envy envy hate ah, because she is I have seen the most complex of knowledge, learning is the fastest man."

she has a nickname called "the encyclopedia", the knowledge reserve is amazing, you talk to her what are connected to it, but more importantly, she is like a sponge, does not stop in the absorption, squeeze it in venture capital circles out of a new world.


Zhang Quanling graduated from Beijing University in 1997, admitted to CCTV International Department, first war correspondent in Afghanistan, after the earthquake in Wenchuan keen and professional interview fame. She NPC and CPPCC live for many years, in the "People Weekly" "focus" "news room" and other programs, served as moderator. In a galaxy of talents of CCTV, the bold and calm rational natural style let her become the hottest female anchor.


but at the age of 42, the female anchor made an offbeat decision to leave the land to achieve success and win recognition, regardless of personal danger unknown territory, opened the second half of life, in her words, life is not worth living without curiosity.


(Fu Sheng & Zhang Quanling)

this year, she and Cheetah mobile CEO Fu purple cow fund co founded a good performance, focusing on the content of entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence purple cow has won twenty projects. The growth of the team’s book performance is also gratifying, Zhang Quanling said: "just a little bit of luck, I dare not say the specific number of books, for fear of future stay."

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