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whether it is successful or not, in so many years of millet farming altar meters is a good domain name investment experience, here today to share with you, hope to be able to give a lot of new rice farming has enough help.

corn investment strategy is often more rooted in the hearts of grassroots civilians, but only big brother mentality and strength to win over the domain name investment market. Therefore, advise those who do not have a number of income to stabilize life, the first to seek a stable source of income, and then to achieve a common mentality of the success of domain name investment.

if a domain type, then I will be bragging. Experienced people can know, once the average price of 500 yuan in the four initials, the current price is about 100 yuan, once the high price of double letters COM domain name is now only hundreds of thousands of up and down. And the stability of digital domain names soared two times in the worst economic crisis today. So many legendary price changes, even a lot of big brothers are unpredictable.

the next creative domain name and meaning of domain name, the name of the value that is the lowest, is also the most difficult to achieve value, they not only had the fame panache Quartet, in many times more pure price without the city the other holders of a big headache, instead of saying "the domain name is to have the strength of vision" rather than face hard to achieve value for yourself and others a highfalutin excuse. Even the names of spelling and spelling of.Com products are so many times. In order to make money and invest the reason minon, such domain name is facing many problems of high cost, high risk, long cycle, is not recommended for investment.

look at the so-called hard currency domain, we can put the hard currency into hard currency high-end and low-end hard currency, high-end hard currency general price in 2500 yuan of above, have long recognized the anti storm ability, four digital com three digital CN series, the low-end hard currency often in a stable steady period continue to rise, such as the 07 year com four letters, but the face of the economic situation, lack of resistance, often lack the market sensitive people suffered painful losses. If you want to manage money, then investing in high-end hard currency will be the best choice, but in the face of quick profit model, with a keen eye, we can go to invest in low-end hard currency.

As for the

meter hair phenomenon, actually more than just a legendary story, he is not only the need of self control ability is to create product opportunities and economic trends, there is not much to say.

above is my experience in the domain name investment after three years of experience, and I hope to be able to help you.

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