Why do some of the existing APP Epiphyllum an enduring

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recently face adorable fire, so it will not discuss about the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum came out, no wonder, after all, earlier the same type of Baidu magic figure, magic diffuse camera and crazy guess figure APP, are also quickly disappeared after the explosion of red. In this regard, the author believes that the face adorable flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is almost a sure thing, why do you say so? "Is the PC era of the Internet era, a browser can open a variety of websites, web site navigation can spread around the N site; unfortunately, the era of mobile Internet into the APP era, APP is a installed in the mobile terminal software, even if it is PC, the software can be installed is also very limited, not to mention the mobile device, so that only a few APP can long remain in the user’s mobile phone or tablet, most of the rest will be deleted in the heat faded.

then what APP will be a flash in the pan, which will last long? This is actually an objective rule in, summed up in one sentence is: only meet the user’s hard needs will be long. So, what kind of demand is hard demand? Hard needs, short term hard demand and long-term hard demand is how to divide it? Here’s a look at a variety of hard needs, as well as the representative of APP.

1, social demand: it is a long hard demand, people every day to interact with friends, classmates, although there is no basic social does not exclude some autistic people, but for most people, social demand is a necessary and important demand. The representatives of APP are WeChat, micro-blog and so on.

2, shopping demand: This is also a long-term hard demand, shopping is essential for everyone to do, but it may be some people will not shop online. But China has hundreds of millions of people buying things online every year, and the mobile terminal is becoming more and more expensive, and the shopping APP, which is installed on the mobile side, is more and more frequently opened. The representatives of APP are Taobao, Jingdong.


entertainment needs: loving someone after beauty, some people love playing various games, some people love to sing a song to show your own voice, and so on, these are not especially hard, but finishing, entertainment is a large rigid demand, so it supports the following have enough APP or long or long stay in the user’s mobile phone or PAD.

4, learning needs: learning is not a hard demand for a significant number of people, but it is a very important demand for many specific groups. For example, PubMed, such as testing the civil service groups, and so on, these needs enough to support some of the learning class APP, stay in the user’s mobile devices.

5, and other requirements: similar to the weather, search, news, etc., these very common hard needs, and their representativeness, APP here, no more details.

read these, I believe everyone will understand why the author said at the beginning of the face of a flash in the pan

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