Seven practical places WeChat promotion method three months 7000 fans tips

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what I do is a local nature of WeChat subscription number, is a three line city, not a lot of people. Three months to do 7000+ fans. As far as I know, the highest number of local fans also has 9000+, and his number has been running for over a year. Do WeChat this time, read a lot of related articles, but also done a lot of useless work, but finally made a little bit of achievement, here to share with you how I do 7000+ fans.

rose powder, there are seven good effects:

first, Baidu post bar,

Baidu post bar to see the relevant content will be relatively small, after actual combat, there are two ways to compare effective.

1, you can find the corresponding Post Bar, such as I do is place of WeChat, will find this place Post Bar, probably do network there will be more than three months, because the signature is Post Bar need to account for more than three months, put their two-dimensional code into a signature. You can fix the two-dimensional code a little, and you can write some words around it. The content of the text is better for people to be interested in scanning it. Then send some attractive post, if you don’t know what kind of post fire, then OK, looking for other high Post Bar reply post, copy! Can also send some similar psychological test posts, but do not put out the answer, put a floor for down. Look at the reply, almost at the same time, in the two floor to reply to a similar scan two-dimensional code to see the answer. This is certainly not deceptive, must have an answer. Micro signal has a keyword reply function, must make good use of, see this understand, reply fixed key words, see the answer that he wants. Need to pay attention to, see the owner and management strict lax, if tube strict words, so your advertisement to write obscure point. To put it bluntly is to induce him to pay attention to you. And must be more with the response of the user interaction, communication, if the landlord made a post, no matter, this post will soon sink.

2, the second is the use of Baidu paste bar popularity, to engage in some activities. For example, replies sent to pay attention to send XXX and so on. This activity needs to be communicated with the administrator in advance. If he doesn’t agree, OK, try a bribe. If it doesn’t work, then refer to the first one and send it honestly. I have a private relationship with the local post keeper, so it’s quite smooth.

combined these two ways, the highest day up 400+ fans. When there is no activity, about 20 a day.

second, QQ group

this approach is not very good, but you can attract a lot of local needs to promote the company, the store’s boss.

early in the foundation of some fans, can send the information on your WeChat, of course, is free! Plus QQ group all right, here is not to say, a beautiful picture, into a female vest, apply into the group. When the amount is enough >

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