Personal webmaster difficult to write soft Wen five excuses

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soft Wen importance indisputable, is to improve the flow and the chain of the best way. But many individual webmaster in writing soft text always fear, think oneself can’t write high quality soft Wen, can’t submit, through the waste of time and effort, the loss outweighs the gain. In fact, write a soft Wen not because of how hard it is, just artificially set the threshold, to find a variety of reasons for thousands of excuses, finally dragged on, and finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Duncan is watching a lot of soft master articles, gradually gone soft in the writing on the road, although the performance in general, but it does get a lot of satisfaction, there have been many confusion and chaos, summarizes some common personal webmaster difficult to write soft excuse, as long as these issues to clearly understand, will naturally develop the habit of writing code keyboard.

I lack literary grace.

many people feel writing boring, no literary grace, it is difficult to attract the reader’s interest, is simply not to do. In fact, write text and literary grace there is no direct relationship, we are not Li Bai Du Fu, neither name nor by selling for a best-selling book. Secondly, even if it is not written well, so many netizens, why should people pay attention to you, let alone online bubble, and rarely have seen abuse and personal attacks. So, write soft Wen, the first is to have confidence, no matter how their own literary talent, as long as insist on writing can improve, of course, need to see more carefully, and strive to improve the soft writing techniques and methods.

two, time is not allowed.

many personal Adsense all own schedule is very full, early morning and evening what to do, how much hair chain today, how many links, but that is no writing soft Wen this item. The reason is that writing soft Wen is too time-consuming, from the previous data collection to writing, and then to the finishing process, it takes several hours. Duncan before also very distressed, always feel that these hours as much more than a few chains. But after reading about the soft article series, can not also have to hand feel. So, set yourself 3 days to write a soft text, as long as there is a little bit of executive power, this goal is very simple. Soft writing more, experience naturally increase, write the soft time will shorten accordingly, may be two hours, may also need only an hour. Therefore, we should take soft text as an important network promotion content to do, other guarantee can not, also must guarantee this implementation. As for the landlords on QQ who play billiards, the time is not without, the key is that you use the wrong place.

three, feel soft soft shameful, obviously is advertising

for this view, Duncan believes that the first positive attitude, we’re sharing experience, to readers useful information conveyed, not the naked hard advertising, but you look at the A5 on the front page of the article, why are there so many people to click on view and reproduced, it speaks for itself that is the soft value, not only the webmaster do not conflict with the heart, but also to.

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