The wind is loose QQ space from the media how far can you walk

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recently in the big Adsense nets see, many people’s articles have left the QQ number, there are some recommended QQ space, from the media. That is, the cattle, Shao Lianhu did not let go, plus their QQ, to see what they are doing. After watching one after another QQ space from the media, I was thinking, blog from the media is not popular? All turned to QQ space.

blog from the media, loose wind has gone,

in 2013 October, I, like most people, built the Shao Lianhu blog. Because you see the success of Lu Songsong blog, but also want to make a blog, you can earn money, but also famous. A short span of a year, a variety of blog, a variety of injuries. Blog site navigation yiwofeng was set up, the light is collided a blog. However, after this year, how many people still insist on blogging? I believe very little. Slowly, blogging is no longer as hot as it used to be.

no matter what you do, once you don’t earn money, there’s no point in sticking to it. After all, life is cruel. Where can we live without living?. Therefore, the death of blog is inevitable. Only a few people survived. Some of them are not for money, just to record the knowledge of online learning. Some start switching fees. After all, making money is the last word. Also some people all day long laborious to each big blog leaves a message, hoped can give the blog to do well.

QQ space from the media, understand the wind has come,

had heard of it before, but he really didn’t know where it was. What’s more, QQ earns hundreds of thousands of years in light of space. So arrogant character envy for a long time, just don’t know his QQ is how much. I have seen micro-blog in micro-blog, but really understand, do not know who it is.

was lucky enough to add QQ. Also read his space, the article wrote a lot. Interestingly, the title of the article is really short, but the amount of space access, the amount of access to the article, the message is very much. What I don’t understand is, what exactly does he write to attract so many people?. I will try to read the contents of the article, ah, so long articles really do not have the patience to read.

since the understanding of QQ, plus I added wood spring, focus, Yuda, what station into QQ space from the media, see the most is this to do the training, that member of the income. And tuition fees are very expensive, are about two thousand or three thousand yuan. And often bask in some of the students hit the screenshot. I wonder if these screenshots are real or are they fake?. And also released some inspirational talk all day, do not know where reprinted, or really write their own.

blog fire is famous, QQ space fire is money,

when you build your own blog, you want your blog to be as famous as Lu Songsong’s blog, and then you can still earn money. But there are several blogs that are famous

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