Talking about the experience of making 15 pages of Baidu on the first page of the station

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I do stand for 15 days, key words on Baidu first page, home page explanation, this is just personal experience, not necessarily everyone is successful.

1, keyword writing

TITLE is not recommended for too long, especially not frequent keywords, Baidu is taboo, usually in the key words on the left, and then connected to a smooth fluent description contains the key words which can be appropriate, description is particularly important, keyword density continued for more than 3, GOOGLE is very friendly, but is suspected of cheating on Baidu, no way, who is called Baidu expert? Would rather offend GOOGLE Baidu is also not to offend.

2, keyword density control,

thickened the part of the site with its associated words to indicate weight. At the same time, plus links, this is not cheating, but to increase the weight of key words, do not misunderstand, usually the standard is about 3%, more appropriate.

3, domain name was collected time


domain name history including domain name registration time and initial search engines to the time of the page, the earlier registered domain name, the trust degree is higher, this is a very simple and effective, if there is a registered domain name for ten years, it is a powerful weapon, if there is a a registered domain name for 15 years, no matter what to do with him, is likely to win. If this is a new domain name, then the key words do indeed long time, because I estimate Baidu database index, has the judgment of the domain name of your time, this is one aspect of the score, included longer the ranking, ranking the time will be shorter.

4, external links,

, if a new station, seventy percent of the chain from the guestbook, blog and comment site, I want you this site as long as into the home page, then from the day of K is not far away.

5, original article

if you can’t write original, then it is pseudo original, disrupt order, change the title just because you want to know, search engine is a machine after all, not a person.

if you can do the above points, I believe that Baidu will increasingly favor your site. It is the personal experience of my humble opinion, I think that experience should show their share of advertising, well, everyone is really good.

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