What kind of operation is the indispensable role of a start up company

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operation is based on the product, with the lowest budget, the optimal path, the most efficient implementation, the most effective means to attract a large number of loyal users, establish the product competition in the market barriers, and ultimately to achieve product market success.


in 2012, with the cooperation of Entrepreneurial Innovation workshop planning open class, after the whole project finished, aware of a problem, the most difficult to solve the problems in the process of entrepreneurship may be the problem of "people", because from the business plan to financing products to technology to design to operations can be found in the corresponding the topic to do share, but the team on the formation of this course, so far have not pushed out. It is the best business = lots of effective capital plus continuous sound business decisions and talented employees; and Jobs day 1/4 of the time to recruitment, shows the value of "human" at least to weight the success of entrepreneurship 25%-33%.

Why does

need to operate


in the early days of the Internet, only "have" and "no difference", as long as the user technology, regardless of how the interface design, difference logic, always have many users; we know the Tencent with instant messaging technology started, Baidu search engine technology, sina is the first to technology platform started to Sohu the search technology started, Shanda started with online games, in the initial stage of these sites, technology driven traces of very heavy;

at the end of twentieth Century off the Internet investment boom, the number of products to users in exponential growth, talent shows itself in the new environment, the need for better understanding of the needs of users, straighten out the team structure, design a new workflow, developed in line with the new market, so as to obtain commercial success, the product manager is born the part of the company, from technology driven into a product driven company, Tencent such as


mobile Internet era, is standing in the wind in pigs can fly time, due to the rise of open source software, cloud computing, mobile and social entrepreneurship, the cost is very low, but too much in the air above, didn’t take off the space and opportunity. The success of a product depends not only on technology, products, but also on the operation of the dependence is very large.

Technology: Pony said there is no technology can not achieve the demand;

products: on 36Kr, you often find pixel level plagiarism products;

: have you ever seen running hand really teach you to operate a product


any product cost from the angle to analyze the product technology with difficulty is much lower than from the operations, such as BAT three, from the point of view of product recycling technology with a known, should not be a problem, but cannot make a known, even aside the legal constraints by technology means every day.

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