The new website online a week to get ranked three steps strategy

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website needs time, ranking is the need for technology, but with the continuous change of the algorithm of Baidu search engine, a lot of the line on the website are not able to get a good ranking in a short time, from which we can see most of the web site now has lost the real construction technology, also lost the basis to trust Baidu search engine the.

In the face of new

can not quickly get awkward ranking as a phenomenon, with over three years experience in website optimization webmaster had to talk about the new website for ranking things, then as a new website to on-line within a week to get Baidu rankings? < /p>

, a new site must have their own uniqueness, not any web site can in a short period of time was approved by Baidu, often those who have new ideas, not many things appear in Baidu Internet more love, this requires the webmaster should learn to change ideas, such as you do is a garment shop site, then you should think of how their own websites become out of the ordinary and other clothing site, which is one of the search engines love, such as your website is a Taobao guest website, then have to do to make their sites to get the search engine in love the first time, the site must have unique requirements. So we are in the process of establishment of the station must first think industry trends today, to grasp the dynamic industry in the next ten years, and the combination is only one of the things, which is like the Taobao, from a small shop to today’s industry portal.


a new web site to within a week to get ranking also must have a user and search engine highly content, users and search engines can be said to be a site of the reference standard, if users enter the site did not find the content they want, if the search engine into the site also found no fresh the content, so this website by Baidu of the time at least 1-3 months, from this time we can see if we want the website in a short time will have ranking, then we will be effective and useful content, value, fresh. Therefore, the author’s suggestion is that the content of a website is best combined with the current industry hot spots. For example, you are a jewelry website, then the hot spot is gold.


a new web site why is higher than the old site rankings? This must have different sites recognized, although public information in Baidu told us a website Links more is not better, but Baidu search engine also told us the correlation is good, so we can focus on the website related to the development of the site, no matter what the site, after the on-line third days can start exchange between Links, and the number of the Links can reach 3 or more, don’t think Baidu doesn’t care about the Links, Baidu does not care about is to buy Links, and for the natural exchange of friendship link Baidu is also highly recognized.


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