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I have published two articles in the soft Admin5, the first is the opening of the publicity advertorial, written analysis of Ningbo four site navigation station, officially launched the station (originally the main Ningbo hao123), asserted that the Ningbo hao123 will become the 2010 Ningbo site navigation market a dark horse, change Ningbo site pattern. Second, in the four months after the PR was upgraded to 2, from the historical development of the station about the analysis of operational experience and web site navigation station website trends, profit model. Conclusion, highlighted the localization of station sites, brand trends, for the profit model, my point of view, web site should have been and should be a public service website.

cows are certainly not blowing, or bragging is also art. Indeed, this site has a relatively clear positioning and brand strategy from the very beginning. Time 4 months flash, and then the Ningbo four web site, and now many have been as many as a dozen, including top-level domain name, as well as two domain name. At least there are factors that promote this site. Many new city hao123 domains have been registered in March (such as bjhao123). More than four months of development, nbhao123 has also grown from the original obscurity to Ningbo site navigation leader. From the point of view of brand operation, although there are dozens of websites, I don’t think we have any rivals in Ningbo. Our competitors only have ourselves. In fact, the station is mainly in the study of excellent sites throughout the country navigation site, and in conjunction with its own positioning and characteristics of the development of the basis.

yesterday, April 16th, I made a revision of the nbhao123 website profile, and further clarified the brand idea of this station. Here is a brief to share with you. For the brief description of our website:


established reasons, principles, characteristics and advantages of quality from the nbhao123 Ningbo website home website vision and website brand slogan and other aspects of the overview embodies the concise and to the point, the summary of development experience, website brand strategy and mission vision.

The purpose of

is: to facilitate the Internet users in Ningbo, to display the Ningbo featured boutique website, and to promote the local Internet communication and development in Ningbo

website brand principle: Based on the principle of "simple, practical, featured and exquisite", user needs and user experience as the center. Clean site, the site promised not to add any spam code in the web site (except for ad sites).

website products and services: two, Ningbo website classification navigation and Ningbo web site search service.

website goal vision: dedicated to creating the home of hao123 web site in Ningbo, creating the first brand of local website navigation in China, becoming the homepage of Internet users of Ningbo and loyal and reliable friends.

website advantages and features >

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