What is the hidden danger of step by step WeChat electricity supplier heyday

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WeChat recently frequent moves, it raised the attention industry boom, from the WeChat store to the friend transfers, WeChat team to enter the sales platform constantly, and is a step forward, we can from the we can see WeChat’s grand goal and route. It can be said that WeChat is now accelerating the upgrade and transformation, coupled with the recent realization of the transfer function of friends, WeChat in adapting to the new situation at the same time, but also constantly improve their depth.

is WeChat’s transformation is the inevitable result, is the need of development, transformation and upgrading of WeChat is to break through the bottleneck encountered in the process of growth, because the development of communication is basically close to the saturated state, the electricity supplier can effectively get in the hands of the resource transformation. From this perspective, the WeChat store, CAITONG and shopping payment process re pull in, it constitutes a complete set of cash management system, so as to lay a solid foundation for the electricity supplier process.

WeChat open business road is a strategic route, is "premeditated", from the era of micro data, the number of users of WeChat shop is also to a certain level, but by 600 million users of WeChat really can be the electricity supplier dream to do in the end? Look at the big house for WeChat the electricity supplier continuous applause, I want everything and did not imagine the good, there are four reasons.

, a former enemy, after the pursuers. WeChat electricity supplier was born in the maturity of the electricity supplier, and there is not much room for development, relying on the original communication resources to fight the market, you can really let yourself continue to move forward, to avoid being strangled in the cradle. But even if the electricity supplier WeChat make enough effort, the short term can not shake the position of Taobao Internet retailer No.1, this is not alarmist, but a true reality. Because once the habit, and later want to reverse the trend of the consumption cost is very huge, when everyone will have the habit of online shopping as Taobao, when Alipay operation, leaving WeChat counterattack is not much. WeChat has found a development opportunity, to win market recognition, but Ali is not kept man, for the development of the mobile terminal Ali has been done, but the mobile terminal for the product is not ideal and everybody can not solve the problem, if WeChat really want to make achievements in the development of the electricity supplier. A new form of sales needed. Otherwise, it will only make shopping the two level directory of WeChat. And not all electricity providers can create "magic", let alone there is nothing magical can write. In addition to the Taobao mall there are many enemies is already behind other competitors strong soldiers and sturdy horses, communication, will certainly fashion, to create their own business platform, the electricity supplier WeChat in front of them is a young and ignorant of the child. Although WeChat has a fearless spirit, we are worthy of praise, but the cruel reality is enough to make his future.

second, the promotion of electricity supplier is very difficult. The promotion of WeChat itself has limitations, it is difficult to truly digest with the network. >

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