Persistent beauty health project when the woman opened a beauty salon

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six years of her life, can be used to describe the yellow face at the time of their own, in addition, life is very boring, but now by joining the beauty salon, I feel more confident than before, more beautiful! There is a take on an altogether new aspect feeling! Is not an exaggeration! < /p>

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Jiangxi, local renjiedeling. The two franchisees in front of me are from this beautiful place. They are Miss Xu and mr.. That conversation with them, they signed was Europe’s quanmei beauty brand in the mystery of Lauder. Everyone has their own story, Miss Xu and Mr. Su also brought their own story.

June 2014, Ms. Xu sprouted the idea to open a beauty salon. But his face now powerless, so fierce competition, how to reduce the risk? So the thought of joining a beauty brand. Online beauty franchise brands, but also let them quite a bit of effort. After understanding and inquire about the many brands, was moved by the European quanmei industry all in one service, the balance in mind slowly inclined to Europe quanmei industry company, and finally in the investigation in the company, the company began to become identified their dreams.

said to do, Ms. Xu soon found in the local area of about fifty square meters of stores. In exchange with Ms. Xu, also feel her capable and resolute. Asked why she wanted to open a beauty salon, she gave me such an answer, naturally. Before is mainly engaged in beauty in this regard, the initial study of beauty, out of love. In the process of learning, also found himself in the beauty is also very talented, no matter is the beauty of skill learning, or the communication with customers, for her, is a very simple thing, it can come in handy. However, because married, let Ms. Xu temporarily left the salon, began a six year life of the Godson sub phase. And as the child grows up, also do not need to worry about their own, they decided to continue his unfinished dream of beauty.


I think the beauty salon, is a process of dissemination of the United States, not only can make their own more delicate, but also for relatives, friends, customers bring beauty. I want these items through health, to help more people conditioning the body."

listening to Ms Xu vehemently, suddenly feel that her success is not accidental, but from her confidence and persistence. In the dream at the same time, she also led to the beauty and health awareness of family.

"you know, like the older generation of old people feel that the beauty salon is an informal occasion. But when I opened this beauty salon, every day with my professional help them conditioning the body, slowly, they feel that the beauty salon is actually very professional. Like my sister-in-law. She came to my store to do a card, every week to come on time, the beginning of the family do not agree. However, after a period of time, through the beauty of health care, there are

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