13 simple rules to change your entrepreneurial play

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we often invest in Internet Co, so when I first heard that Professor Li Shanyou would like to discuss the world view, I feel anxious, I can learn what in this course? However, Professor Li put out several views on my inspiration:

1 is more important than knowledge.

our view of the world is limited by our experience and our way of thinking. If we do not jump out of the original way of thinking, we can not see or understand the future trend, and missed a lot of opportunities. Professor Li cited the example of the great physicist Newton, who, through his research, gave the world a sense of predictability, but his theory was overthrown by the theory of relativity of Einstein. And Einstein’s genius was limited by his view of the world. The theory of probability, which is derived from quantum theory, including the chaos theory, can help us to understand the diverse and changeable environment in our life. We must embrace and accept this uncertainty, and we must adopt a different approach to management. Today, let us recall, when we invest, what projects we have experience or common sense?

2 in an uncertain and changeable environment, how to manage?

quantum theory tells us that we can grasp the probability of happening. Silicon Valley is a popular practice of MVP (Minimal Viable Proposition), simply say the small run. But the key point is that each small step should bring cognitive, let you know more about how the product should be changed, what users really like. On the basis of cognition, evolution is the way to success. The Fail Fast is recommended for entrepreneurs to give up as soon as possible users do not love the product or direction, saving you the cost of trial and error.

3 Perception is reality.

most of the time we are a part of the industry, our behavior will affect the object of our observation. The famous Soros named his fund Quantum (quantum), because he knew that the stock market is in fact the same as physics, when we are concerned about a stock and stocks, the stock price will rise. A lot of people think that the Internet marketing thinking is flicker, but ignored the point: the views of the outside world will become a reality. So all entrepreneurs, not only work hard to learn to share. Whether it is through your users to help you spread or look for investors to help you endorsement, you should look for ways to improve your influence.

4 chaos theory tells us that small disturbances can have very large effects.

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