Suitable for women to drink wine

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in the traditional sense, women drink is not good, in fact, occasionally drink a few cups or good, is beneficial for the body, but women drink must choose their own products. So, for women to drink wine? Today we recommend several suitable for women to drink wine.


Club popular drink Law: with the smallest of the wine glass with the 5/6 of rum, and then pour 1/6 vodka. Rum will sink at the bottom of the cup. Then ignite the cup of vodka, insert a straw, with the fastest speed to drink rum.


refers to the wine made of grape fruits other wine, the main raw material for apple, pear, cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant, plum, kiwi etc.. The brewing method of wine is basically the same as that of wine, and it is about to break, squeeze juice, add yeast to ferment, alcohol content is 5-6% to 15-16%. Retain the unique personality of the fruit and sweet taste, it is easy to enjoy the pleasure of drinking.   suitable for women to drink wine? Wine is very suitable for women to drink, beneficial to the heart, every day as a health drink is also very good.



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