Nanjing individual entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan of small loans

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is more and more entrepreneurial projects to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, investment is not high, but there are still a lot of entrepreneurs due to funding problems, has been reluctant to join the venture market, to provide funding for entrepreneurs, have introduced the corresponding policy.

entrepreneurial small loan loan amount is generally no more than 50 thousand yuan per person, the maximum not more than 100 thousand yuan. Entrepreneurial partnership or organize the business, the loan amount of not more than 100 thousand yuan per capita, the total does not exceed $500 thousand. Small business loans generally not more than 2 years in general. Borrowers owing on the loan is indeed difficult, the need to continue to support small loans, you can apply for a loan extension of 1 years.


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to encourage more people to join the entrepreneurial team, set off a wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial drive, the development of the national economy, which is why Nanjing launched personal venture capital subsidy policy, I believe there will be more people to join the army in the future to entrepreneurship.



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