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have you heard the name of paper? Do you know this is a business opportunity? You want to use this unique business opportunities to achieve their dream of becoming rich? Here, Xiao Bian will take you to seriously analyze and see whether it is your entrepreneurial choice!

Product features:

1, easy material, turning waste into treasure: raw materials can be used for the calendar paper, advertising paper and paper, etc..

2, a wide range of shapes, the combination of Chinese and Western: paper crafts can be incorporated into the shape of China’s five thousand years of ancient mysterious culture, but also the use of modern western exaggeration, bold approach.

3, Humanization: paper crafts all manual operation, each one is unique, and at the same time with personal inspiration and ideas can be free to create shapes, colors and other products.

4, novelty: common crafts made of glass, ceramic, crystal, wood, stone and other hard material type, made of paper crafts for the first time in China, the new style, extraordinary and special material.

5, it has the environmental protection (can use the waste paper), not easy to break, furnishings unique (semicircle vase can be hung on the wall, 1/4 round vase can put the wall hung angle) and other characteristics.

: Investment Analysis

paper crafts is a small investment projects, in the production and processing, mainly paper producers and hands, do not need a lot of money to buy raw materials and machinery and equipment and other facilities.

1, equipment investment: no specialized equipment, just a few small tools. Such as: scissors, glue, paper cutter, and so on.

2, investment materials: paper a month 500 (including paper, paper), each 0.2 yuan, 0.2× yuan; 500=100.

3, site Investment: pre – site can not be a special investment, the use of their own living room and room can be processed.

: profit analysis

1, the production of production: in order to semi wall vase, for example, each can be produced 4 per day, each in the market price of 30-50 yuan, that is, the output value of 120 to 140 yuan per month, paper 20>

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