Tongue into profitable business opportunities

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tongue, who doesn’t? But have you ever thought it would be a chance to get rich? It can also help you achieve the goal of getting rich, to achieve the dream of getting rich? All don’t jump to conclusion, here Xiaobian to you slowly analysis!

During the

2001 years from the Hubei University after graduating from business administration,, and did not join the army – the family has arranged for her to study in the United States to study horticulture and agricultural economics. In Holland, more than 90% of the flowers are exported, gardening is very popular.

During the

2005 in September, with Wenzhou Tian Wanping customization mould company, agreed within 15 days of delivery. In Wenzhou the day of heavy rain. Tian Wanping had to go to see the production equipment, but the other said, the road is still far away, afraid of her rain. Her heart a soft, no longer insist. Unexpectedly, the other has not delivered until the end of October until November, she again went to Wenzhou to see, only to find the company’s plant conditions, equipment did not reach the technical requirements.

"all the necessary conditions and equipment requirements are personally confessed, but did not go wrong in the plant field verification." A link failure, let the field level late about one hundred thousand yuan of tuition fees.

But now

as "over", Tian Wanping give students entrepreneurial advice: more contact with the local people, so that you can access a lot of information. Be a good person, good at discovering. Really into the local community, perhaps the opportunity in the side." She said.

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