Hairdresser to start their own business

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beauty salon is a place very profitable, the cost is not high, but the price is high, the profit space is very large, but there is a beauty salon hairdresser has decided to leave the hairdresser in this industry, to go into business for themselves and get success, here we introduce his story.

spent his childhood in the countryside, his father is a carpenter, an accidental opportunity, at the age of 17, he was engaged in hairdressing; through 12 years of hard work, his annual salary of more than 300 thousand, 1.82 meters tall, he has become one of the "Gao Fu handsome" ranks; he was invited to do modeling in Chongqing shooting "1942" cast. The "legendary" handsome guy Cao Yong, what is a person?

in August this year, only 30 years old, but the annual salary of more than 300 thousand. 1.82 meters tall hair senior technician Cao Yong, dressed in relaxed fashion, regardless of where to go, have a high rate of return: one is because of his good appearance, a typical "high rich handsome"; the two is that he often appeared in many fashion shows and scene design contest, be absorbed in attention to hair, full posture. Often more eye-catching than the star.

just last week, he also participated in the shooting in Chongqing, "1942" crew – for the play dozens of mass actors to create a particular hairstyle during the war.

at 2 a.m. Sunday, most of the families in Yangjiaping district have been 100 years Kang to sleep, Cao Yong picked up his professional hair cautiously without any noise to the toolbox, carefully opened their doors, quietly walked out the door. In the bedroom, his wife, with his 3 year old son, slept soundly.

Cao in permanent night marched in good out of a bandbox, rushed to the cinema is located in two rivers area "1942" shooting scene. He would like to shoot the big scenes during the day of the masses, to provide people during the war period, a particular period of history hairstyle.

this is the three time that Cao Yongdi has been involved in the work. Last Sunday, he had the identity of the director of the Chongqing Institute of technology, the United States and the United States, to lead the four technical team of outstanding stylist, in the morning before 11 am, the completion of more than 200 people’s hair.

2:30 in the morning, the crew dedicated bus departure from Chaotianmen on time, carrying more than ten models, including Cao Yong, makeup artist, an hour later, they arrived at the scene of a temporary dressing room.

more than and 100 square meters of large operating room is very spacious, cold night bursts. Dressed in costumes of the actors, Cao Yong and other people have not been a good tool for finishing up, consciously lined up long queues.

crew very strict, has come to the two person in charge of the scene, to tell us about the general introduction of the street during the war

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