Ma Yun meets with President Obama on climate and Entrepreneurship

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entrepreneurship has not only entrepreneurs themselves, but also related to the development of the national economy. Ma Yun and Obama launched a dialogue to discuss how the government should support young entrepreneurs, to create a suitable environment for the development of customers.

11 18, President Obama invited China entrepreneurs Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma at the APEC Conference on climate change, environmental protection and entrepreneurship are discussed, for Obama to Ma 5 questions.

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if you do not have a healthy environment, no matter how much money will be faced with the deterioration of environmental disaster, this is our concern. From six years ago, we donated to the Alibaba group’s income of 3/1000, to encourage young people to find innovative ways to solve environmental problems, to face the problem together.

15 years ago, we are small companies, and now we have grown up, is a company with many different companies. But we recommend

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