How much does it cost to open a dumpling shop

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shop, snack bar open, open a dumpling shop, a small dumpling shop opened business needs much money, Xiaobian to tell you the truth really is not expensive, select the address, buy appliances, careful management, small business began to be my own boss.

dumplings hall can be used first pilot program, that is, the kind of investment is relatively small, and then gradually increase investment, things look at the situation can be purchased in batches.

how much does it cost to open a dumpling shop? Budget:

table: each 200, 8 1600

gas: two bottles, 200

tableware: bowl, fast son, plates, toothpicks and other 50 sets, 500 yuan

stove: gas stove, take away car, pan, true plate, drive tool, 1500

tools: meat grinder 300, broom, mop, washing cloth, gloves 100

disinfection: disinfection cabinet 500, fly out the lamp 150

refrigerator: 2000

working capital: 1000

Manual: two personal wages 2400

poster and flyer, desktop accessories: 300

audio equipment: 200

cash register: 6000

according to the budget, even the cash register, two people intend to almost $20000.

a little less budget, with a point, will be 10000 yuan (except takeaway car, cash registers, labor wages, audio, posters, etc.).

believe that through the introduction of the above, a lot of small capital investors have heart, heart is not as good as the action, then quickly start your entrepreneurial path.

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