Knowledge makes the henhouse hatched Jinyuan

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80 is the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship, a large number of people have successfully achieved the dream of entrepreneurship, has become a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship. Here, there is a story of 85 female college students entrepreneurship, very inspirational.

a economic news made her adorable entrepreneurial idea

"Loka, loka……" Reporters just opened the door to raise the base 3, around the moment become lively exception. Tens of thousands of hens were arranged in a row, curious to stretch his head looked at the strange stranger farms. Automatic transmission belt transport below the henhouse laying hens had just given birth to a fresh egg, with a terminal station in the transport workers deft movements egg packing, finishing.

"from 2014 July formally build up to now, our farms from more than 20 thousand chickens to 20 million hens, the company’s total construction area reached 8450 square meters. Now, we not only build a standardized poultry house, feed processing, but also the construction of warehouses and other supporting facilities." Zhang Yong told reporters.

"my university major is animal husbandry, although four years of study so that I have more professional knowledge, only to find employment, to find an ideal job is really not easy. Fortunately, that day the whole family watching TV to see an economic news, let me sprout the idea of entrepreneurship." Turning to his entrepreneurial story, Zhang Yong said that when she graduated from college, she and his father in a chance to see the CCTV economic channel is broadcast a news about a large farm in Hebei. News of the farm using modern technology chicken, from feeding to picking up all the eggs to achieve automation, the benefits are very good.

saw this news, she immediately adorable an idea, "we Jining chicken field are a lot of small backyard, no scale. Why don’t we go to Hebei and start a modern farm in Jining?" Unexpectedly, the father of Zhang Yong’s views are very supportive, a few days later, the father and daughter came to Hebei to study two visits.

Although the

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