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        now choose what to join the food and beverage development prospects? With the diversification of the development of the times, a lot of people want to open a skewer shop investment, do not know if you can make money to open a skewer shop can be made up a few points below, I hope to help you.

        vegetables: the highest profit reached 800%

        roast leek, grilled mushrooms, baked beans…… Ma said that the biggest profit is actually green vegetables. To roast leek, now the retail market is 2 yuan / kg, 1 kg of leek can hold 2, food cost 1 yuan / disc, plus charcoal barbecue, etc., about 1.5 yuan / disc. After each dish baked retail price of 8 yuan, profit of $533%. This is not what, if in the morning to buy a leek 1 yuan / kg, so a cost can be reduced to 1 yuan / disc, profits as high as 800%.

        meat: average profit of 40%

        meat can be said to be the most important dish in barbecue. However, Mr. Ma said that this is not the most profitable in fact, beef and mutton products. In order to sell up to the string of mutton, now the price is rising every day, the price of beef per catty has reached 42 yuan / kg, butter, $15 / kg. Every 3 pounds of beef and two pounds of butter can be worn out of the meat string, with an average of 0.78 yuan / branch. Add marinade, barbecue charcoal, bamboo and other materials, cost about 0.9 yuan / branch. This is still relatively large profits, if it is a plate of tendons, the cost to reach 1 – 1.4 yuan / branch, only to win the amount. Overall, the average profit of beef and mutton is about 30%.

        meat products, chicken relatively profitable, with Roast Chicken head as an example, retail 3 yuan / string, 3 head of each string, each string and the actual cost is only 1.5 yuan. Chicken rack retail price of 6 yuan /, but the cost of $3 /. Overall profit was 50%. Overall meat profits should be 40%.

        seafood: high profit, loss of large

        Mr. Ma said, in fact, seafood profits are very high, basically the gross profit can reach 200%, but there is a point can not be ignored, is the loss of seafood is too large, if the guests dining, seafood and seafood will be left overnight if not fresh basically, only yourself to eat, if thrown away, losses will be greater.

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