Entrepreneurial inspiration analysis of a failed entrepreneurial experience

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entrepreneurship is risky and may or may not succeed, and today the network Xiaobian to tell you a failed venture example, hope to help you to start.

this, I found, more than and 30 workers to eat and drink to pay rent, factory must pay, I speak with the boss, a single product by testing it? He made an affirmative answer, I bite, decided to continue to do so, while looking for a single, while waiting for the results, because I used to do technical management, do not understand the business, hard run back, if it is called a single word, only 2 hands, 3 hand processing orders, not to kill it is to cheat, workers work overtime, they earn enough money for the meal, the processing of a single lot of chaos, a few miles a day of action of money, a worker at most a few moves, my eyes in the dark, do not understand, that gives me a single processing boss or my fellow, I do pit here today, tomorrow there Koudian, Koudian, and I do the business license fees, he said that he had a relationship, help me to do today, tomorrow to thousands of thousands, and a bottomless pit.

4, 5 this year, June, I lose it lose, until today, the villagers still owe me 7 thousand yuan, how much money I have to toss, why these three months I closed the factory, the heart has been the boss hopes to July, I completely wake up, not your not you Andy Lau, Mo insist, sing well. At this point I have lost nearly 160 thousand of the funds have been left in the hands of the lessons! I have only ten workers, their run single, fortunately, in July made a batch of goods, the end of August to a sum of real money, not much, the more than 20 thousand day, I took the money in the bank, stay for a long time, want to cry. Now the factory despite the loss, but after all, a good direction in turn, sometimes I think, if the boss is a beautiful trap, the purchase is the bait trap, and my fellow is when people.

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