How to deal with customer complaints effectively

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no matter how well we serve our clients, there is no way to satisfy every customer. As a customer manager, in the daily visit will often encounter cigarette retail customer complaints, including supply, cigarette display, service, etc.. If not handled properly, will not only affect the customer relationship, but also reduce customer loyalty. How to effectively handle customer complaints? Here are some of my experience.

first, learn to listen. Communication, listening is more important to understand each other is the basis and prerequisite for good communication. Customer manager in dealing with customer complaints should be calm and friendly attitude, so that the other side of the feeling that you are listening attentively, do not interrupt, do not interrupt, so that customers say. Do not understand the place to ask questions in a timely manner, as soon as possible to identify the real cause of customer complaints.

secondly, master the skills of dealing with customer complaints. In dealing with customer complaints and customers do not dispute, in the process of understanding the facts of the attitude should be modest, to appease customers in a timely manner to help customers calm mood. To truly stand in the customer’s position and perspective to understand their feelings and feelings, and put forward practical solutions. In the case of customers can not be persuaded to choose cold treatment, choose the right time to solve.

again, do the follow-up service. Deal with complaints, we must act quickly to form an effective response, so that customers really trust us. After work, to be more patient, careful observation and understanding of the real needs of each customer, do our best to help customers improve the operating capacity and profitability, let the customer feel the quality of our service, avoid complaining again.

whether it is working for people, or your own boss, "complaining" is a very normal thing, but also the inevitable. The key is in daily life, we are how to deal with these complaints, if you don’t know how to deal with, is to worry about this problem, then, the small series of suggestions, will get your approval?

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