Shandong do a good job of financial risk warning for the people to keep good money bag

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when the people’s property is threatened, the region’s economy will have a certain shock, local governments will lose their hearts, so how to keep the people’s pocketbook is very important. Recently, Shandong Province issued a series of policies to make financial risk early warning work, won the local people’s attention.

currently, the illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal loans and other illegal phenomena repeated, the impact of the normal financial order, affecting the social stability. Faced with this situation, how to keep good money for the people is particularly important. The establishment of the Shandong financial security to guard against the work of the leading group, actively establish monitoring and early warning system, improve information sharing ability of financial risk and improve warning mechanism, and achieved remarkable results, praised by the masses.

saturated propaganda

5 month 15 days, Ji’nan city on combating and preventing economic crime awareness day activities held in the Quancheng Square, Ji’nan City Finance Office on site to provide leadership to prevent illegal fund-raising for the public consultation, issued to prevent illegal fund-raising quiz test card issuing printed promotional content for small gifts, to the masses to prevent illegal fund-raising knowledge, improve the masses consciously resist the temptation Gregory, rational choice of investment consciousness.

similar to the prevention of illegal fund-raising campaign against all over Shandong province. In order to highlight the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising work, Shandong to saturation propaganda effect as the goal, multi form, multi-channel mission activities to improve the public awareness of risk prevention and identification capabilities.

in the "saturated" publicity at the same time, the Shandong municipal government also stipulates that the administrative area of prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising work responsibility, should assume the first responsibility of the persons.

implementation of the country’s first comprehensive local financial regulations

regulate financial advertising, raise the approval of private financing institutions, the establishment of the threshold, given the corresponding powers of local financial regulatory agencies at the county level, the establishment of local financial institutions information disclosure system…… Since July 1st this year, China’s first comprehensive local financial laws and regulations – "Shandong provincial local finance regulations," the official implementation.

of the "Regulations" will "beyond the line of three Bureau of supervision of local financial organizations and related business activities included in the adjustment range, and the subject of supervision, measures and means to make it clear that in order to realize the development of local financial risk control and full coverage provides a strong legal protection.

Shandong provincial finance office director Li Yongjian said that the introduction of this regulation is a major event in the history of financial development in Shandong, to make up for some of the current lack of financial supervision.

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