Small children stationery store five years to open even more than 10 million annual sales of 5 store

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for every entrepreneur, the choice of a promising industry, is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Open stationery shop to make money? Wang Xianyun, Jiangxi, 2006 in Chongqing, Beibei district school near the shop, over the years to open 5, annual sales of over ten million. How did he do it?

"no fancy gimmicks, no single man, is thinking about how to facilitate customers." In the view of Wang Xianyun, his success stems from empathy care. Although there is no rush of the Internet thinking, but just from the convenience of customers, but let him have the art of the shop.

Have a sense of   standard small stationery shop in the school by

"this small stationery shop, mostly crunching pop, but I pay more attention to the image of the store and service quality, so take the lead in using scan code checkout and punch management system." Wang Xianyun said that although he was surrounded by peer cynicism, but this little improvement has been welcomed by students.

open at the station next to the large flow of   is good; the key is to facilitate distribution of   with "door-to-door" binding enterprises customer

2008 years, seeing the first store business gradually stabilized, and Wang Xianyun in the school near the station opened a considerable size of the new store.

"I chose in the vicinity of the station, is a large flow of people, but this is the second, the key is good traffic conditions, convenient direct delivery of goods." Wang Xianyun said that in order to expand sales, he took the initiative to visit surrounding industrial zone and the two rivers area enterprises, with a large quantity of excellent price "and" door-to-door "sign, including Sichuan Daxing pharmaceutical companies such as new orders, so the site is for the convenience of delivery, service enterprise customer.

"with the change of enterprise and students’ consumption habits, I will adjust the supply for high-end brands, to avoid vicious competition counterparts bargain. At that time, my products have been able to meet the needs of the vast majority of enterprises." Wang Xianyun said, but in 2009, a business customer to him to purchase more than and 10 computers to change the line of their products

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