Jimo small boss hold together entrepreneurs twisted into a rope brand

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had Chinese clothing by cheap copycat and win, but today consumers prefer the brand, in China (Jimo) incubation center clothing brand, small bosses through coordination and communication platform, began to work together to create a transition, in the current market development of the brand.

"don’t pay the rent, also equipped with free office furniture; regularly offers free training, help promotion…… All of these provide great support to entrepreneurs." The 28 year old Chen Xiucai is an electricity supplier, in October 2013, he and two classmates carrying a laptop computer to China (Jimo) garment brand Incubation Center (hereinafter referred to as the incubation center) business, just two years time, thirty thousand yuan venture capital they together have over 500 times, not only that, they also the establishment of the design team to create their own brand.

on a cart "started"

in the incubator center office, the staff’s eyes glued to the computer screen, keyboard sound of crackling sound, at a desk near the door next to Chen Xiucai in the view of some fashion, but the mind is thinking of how some good design ideas to add to their clothes.

"incubator center policy is preferential, the first year do not pay rent, also equipped with free office furniture, can be said that as long as we carry the bag can be assigned to start a business, this way is very suitable for graduate entrepreneurship." Chen Xiucai remember, in October 2013, he and two college students together for a total of $30 thousand, and then carrying bedding, carrying a laptop computer came to the incubator center.

"we just do the electricity supplier, incubation center near Jimo clothing wholesale market, so we mainly sell clothing." Chen Xiucai said, because close, they just bought a small cart, and then directly recommended

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