How to improve the core competitiveness of garment enterprises

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garment industry profits, but if you observe carefully, you will find that the market now influential clothing brands are foreign brands, many domestic garment enterprises scale is not big enough, the brand influence also needs to be improved. How to improve the core competitiveness of garment enterprises? Let’s take a look.

are highly unified in the first, brand concept. The unity and internationalization of national culture is the guarantee of brand power. 1 billion 300 million people pass the same voice to the world: "China is clothing, brand, brand power is strong". Brand publicity has a unified caliber, why the major national brands in the face of international competition, there is no unified slogan? How to resolve the contradiction between the maximization of the interests of entrepreneurs and the maximization of the overall interests of national brands? Outward first, the nation should set up the business model, from the macro to actively guide the clothing enterprises to the benign development, to provide the correct guidance of public opinion for the world.

Second, the efficient integration of the industry chain. Due to the distribution of raw materials, textile technology, production base, talent structure, capital operation, clothing information asymmetry, resources have not been optimized configuration, the urgent matter is how to optimize the industrial chain. In terms of raw materials: the government for a reasonable layout of the west, and the main raw material base of scientific planning, planting and cultivation of correct guidance of raw material, build a good market environment, to ensure the healthy development of the textile industry, cooperation. In the textile technology: the optimization of key national textile industry base, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other major reorganization of textile base resources, and shorten the distance from the base of raw materials supply and marketing cooperative relationship, establish point-to-point and raw material base. In the talent education: merger of colleges and universities, national textile and garment colleges of education, in accordance with the subdivision of apparel industry chain division, division of professional textile colleges, fashion design colleges, universities and other clothing brand planning, targeted for the garment industry base to provide excellent professional talents. In the labor output: in the province and the province, region and region, labor exporting province to establish point-to-point cooperation, can be used to set up factories, joint venture, will be full of labor and production factors closely together. In terms of capital operation: to promote the large and medium-sized enterprises to market, guide and encourage enterprises to mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, thereby expanding the domestic garment enterprises brand effect, enhance international competitiveness. In the information construction: the introduction of world-class information technology personnel, the purchase of world-class technology to promote industrialization of information technology, a complete solution to the status quo of information technology. In terms of management: accelerate the transformation of modern enterprise mechanism, from the family business to the corporate family. Through the deep integration of the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, to speed up the logistics, information flow, capital flow, etc..

Third, walk the road of scale. China’s garment production scale is the largest in the world, how to integrate and improve the efficiency is the key, emancipating the mind, improving the economic system, the development of a new model of garment industry, accelerate industrial upgrading, from extensive to recommend

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