Love red cup of Tianjin city college students entrepreneurship training camp

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as a new era of college students, if you do not think about the future of the road out of business, you can be too OUT. Love rush camp college students entrepreneurial training camp recently launched, 400 college students entrepreneurial team registration, mutual cooperation and common growth.

12 31, "we start it" first "love break Cup" of Tianjin city college students entrepreneurship training camp theme camp day in Binhai New District held the first phase, "love break camp" has been widespread concern in the student entrepreneurs and actively participate in the high tech Zone invested nearly 400 thousand yuan to support entrepreneurship and venture funds the special incentive fund.

first "love break camp" by the municipal Party committee, City Commission, City Commission, city human social security bureau, City Federation and co sponsored by the Tianjin high tech Zone, since 2015 May start, has been widespread concern in the city’s student entrepreneurs and active participation, a total of nearly 400 students enrolled in the entrepreneurial team auditions, has carried out 6 training, more than 10 times the share.

see only limited outlook head a corner of the sky. Want to achieve entrepreneurial success, college students have to jump out of the wellhead, and actively interact with peers, and comprehensively promote the development of the industry, in order to eventually embark on the road to success.

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