Pocky fragrant hand cake to join

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Taiwan delicacy numerous, what kind of characteristics of Taiwan to see more popular delicacy, known as hand cake will know. Hand grasping cake is not only in Taiwan, all over China are popular, good taste, rich nutrition. Join hands grasping cake brand is a good choice.

hand cake how to join pocky sweet

incense pocky hand cake fresh after 100 thousand layer stack layer, such as tissue, hands, face silk thousand even, the outer layer is golden and crisp, soft and white, a scallion and gluten free collocation and smell, ham, egg, beef, lettuce, with different tastes. Sauces, immediately arouse people’s appetite, eat both pancakes and twist like soft, crisp, all ages, not only to eat, the more people to enjoy the delicacy, as if an unforgettable trip is the tip of the tongue, people lead a person to endless aftertastes.

hand cake cake fragrant pocky in addition to healthy nutrition cereals series, and other characteristics of purple sweet potato cake grasping, than the traditional hand cake to eat healthier. Hand cake, pancake, sweet potato, soybean milk, fresh fruit juice, coffee, nutrition porridge, hot and cold drinks do not fall, can be used as a dinner, can be used as a casual meal, food party, the temptation to block.

pocky incense hand cake franchise has the following advantages:

1. million yuan to start a small investment to start a big market: investment projects just million investment, you can easily start the project, suitable for all types of business groups.

2. considerable profit, net profit, sales can be immeasurable: single store exceeded 1000 units, each profit of up to more than 5 times, plus with the drink and other additional products, on the net profit immeasurable.

3. site is easy to quickly gather: schools, shops, tourist attractions, airports, terminals, railway stations, communities, business offices and other places where people can operate, join the site, visitors do not worry.

4. composite management, a shop top five stores: diversified business, can sell hand cake, can also make pancakes, cone pizza, Egg Tart, Soybean Milk, triangle burn, congee, hot drinks, Fresh Juice, truly a top five shop shop.

pocky hand cake is sweet to diversification, can sell hand cake, can also make pancakes, cone pizza, Egg Tart, Soybean Milk, triangle burn, congee, hot drinks, Fresh Juice, although there is a small shop stalls, but the delicacy of rich diversity, can be worth a fast food restaurant, a snack bar and a beverage shop, fully meet the consumer demand, store hot.

pocky incense hand cake without joining stores, without decoration, a person.

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