Seven plus seven Chinese fast food franchise conditions

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surge in catering market demand, what kind of food items to meet the consumer demand of the public, which will undoubtedly become the darling of the catering industry, is undoubtedly the emergence of Chinese fast food products under the needs of the times. Chinese fast food in the great market demand growth rate is also very fast. Take seven plus seven Chinese fast food. Jiangsu seven plus seven Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a fast food restaurant chain operating enterprises. Company in 2001 in Jiangsu, Changzhou, the first Chinese fast food restaurant, since then began to interpret the new Chinese food culture in Jiangsu.

to the end of 2007, Jiangsu seven plus seven Catering Management Co., Ltd. has a total of thirty-nine stores. 2008 is the peak of the development of enterprises in Shanghai and surrounding areas as the focus of development, the new more than and 20 stores. 2020, the company’s goal is to open 500 direct chain stores, joined the chain stores in the 500". At the same time, the company adhere to the "diversification" of the road, with the full blessing of the new antique restaurants, fashion taste quasi four star Kokusai Hotel and other catering service brand Yoshishige, to provide quality services for our customers and the environment.

seven plus seven advantage:

1, improve the operation of seven plus seven image and merchandise transfer

2, can take advantage of this well-known brand, quickly enhance the visibility of the enterprise

3, accurate market evaluation and development assistance, logistics services to improve

4, able to build a successful business system has been proven

5, can quickly and effectively learning, accumulated management experience

6, good training, contribute to the success of their day after

7, compared to independent operation, the risk is small, can be eliminated

8, by joining the system, the cause is easy to expand

9, reduce the time of preparation and self exploration

10, the purchase cost is low

11, innovative planning promotions continue to introduce new fashion concept

seven plus seven conditions:

1, aged between 25-50 years old, with a passion for Chinese food and beverage;

2, a considerable knowledge of the franchise;

3, agree to join

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